Ivor Humphreys Hi-FiNews JANUARY 2005

.............'Polite' is a word that too easily damns with faint praise, and in the first few moments of listening to these speakers I did wonder if it was appropriate in just that way. This is a sound not unlike that of the Quad ESL-63 - so clean and seamless in the HF as to seem almost subdued, until you realise that what is missing is the artificial edge imparted by so many conventional tweeters, even today.
..........This aria for soprano, flute, lute, continuo and strings has all that is required to worry a mid/HF driver but the AMT conveyed it with a seamless grace, separating the bow on string noise from the notes themselves, responding to the 'chuff' start of each note on the baroque flute, the finger-work on the lute and to the fine, sibilant detail in the voice. There was nothing in this presentation for the ear to query. It was convincing in every regard.

......Here the Syrinx was conspicuously successful in its essentially 'tuneful' low frequencies, Beethoven's crucial double-bass lines appropriately purposeful and natural sounding at any pitch, and remarkably free of resonant boost.
.......Again the Syrinx gave an excellent account of itself, realising the full compass and weight of the instrument, detailing Debussy's subtle tonal inflections exquisitely, maintaining the delicate harmonic structure of sustained chords as they fade towards silence, true to the bright top end of the Steinway and entirely equal to the dynamic requirements and percussive nature of the louder passagework. Few speakers, certainly of this modest size, do all this quite so convincingly.
Rock and pop retains its propulsive attack, the sound being crisp and responsive. The plethora of busy, studio-contrived positional detail with which somany of the familiar hi-fi show demo favourites claim our attention, was always stable and true.
The Syrinx is an extremely rewarding, essentially musical speaker......... Ivor Humphreys Hi-FiNews JANUARY 2005

Supplier: Sugden 01924 404088 www.precide.ch

HI-FiNews verdict:
A loudspeaker with a capable, well-defined and exceptionally refined sound. What's more, it's well made nicely presented and has a modestly-sized cabinet Precide is distributed in the UK by Sugden.